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Living together on trial remains

Living together on a probationary period, without consequences for your benefit: it is possible in Tilburg. The municipality will only adjust the benefit if you continue to live together after the trial period. Are you in a relationship and do you want to move in together? But are you still in doubt whether it will work together? Then living together on a trial basis is something for you. We now call this the 'acquaintance period'.

How does it work?

You inform your contact person in advance that you want to live together. You and your partner both keep the owner-occupied home and continue to pay the housing costs (rent/mortgage, energy, water and insurance). After a maximum of 6 months, you can choose whether to continue living together or live separately again. Together with your contact person, you agree in advance how long you will live together on a trial basis.

 The rules in short:

  • You inform your contact person in advance that you want to start living together. You can do that by email;
  • You both keep your own home and pay all fixed costs (rent/mortgage, energy, water and insurance);
  • We agree with you in advance how many months you need to decide whether you will continue to live together;
  • You let your contact person know before the end of this period whether you will continue to live together or not;
  • You immediately inform your contact person if something changes, or if you decide to no longer live together.

If you continue to live together, you are no longer entitled to benefits as a single (parent). You may be entitled to benefits for a married couple together. That depends on your partner's income and assets.


What are the conditions?

  • You and your partner are in a romantic relationship.
  • You and your partner are not married and do not have a registered partnership;
  • You and your partner have no children together;
  • You and your partner have not previously received benefits together;
  • You and your partner do not yet live together and have not previously lived together;
  • Does your partner receive benefits in another municipality? Then also indicate there that you are going to live together.
  • You both keep your home and remain registered in the population register.
  • You tell the landlord that you are (temporarily) going to live together.
  • You have not used the introductory period before.

More information

Cohabitation on a trial basis was tested from September 2021 to September 2022. This resulted in positive reactions and appreciation from participants. Living together on a trial basis often led to permanent cohabitation and peace of mind for all involved, because the financial consequences of cohabitation also become clear. The trial was also a success for participants who decided not to move in together permanently: they were able to try it together in peace and quiet and did not lose their own home. That is why the municipality is continuing to live together on a trial basis, under the name of the 'acquaintance period'.

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