Language lessons and residence permit trajectories from 2022

B1 route at Werkvloertaal or ROC

After the start-up class, you move on to another track. This can be the Z route, the B1 route or the education route. You have agreed with your client director in which process you will participate. This explanation is about the B1 route. B1 stands for the language level that you will learn. You are also doing an internship or going to work. You will then be given an integration exam.

1. What is it?

After the start-up class you start with the continuation of your integration. There are three routes:

1 B1 Route

The B1 route is aimed at learning Dutch as a second language (Nt2) at language level B1. You will learn about Dutch society, such as history, the education system and healthcare. At the end you will be given an exam with the following components:

  • Reading at level B1;
  • Listening at level B1;
  • Writing at level B1;
  • Speaking at level B1;
  • Knowledge of Dutch society.

Did you pass this exam and did you participate in other compulsory components of the integration? Then you will receive your integration diploma.

2 The Z Route

This is an intensive process. It consists of activities that match what you can do. You learn the Dutch language at A1 level or higher. You will also learn how to arrange things yourself in the Netherlands. We support you in finding (volunteer) work or participating in activities that suit your skills. If you follow the Z-route, you will not get an integration exam. There are compulsory components, however, and you follow 800 hours of lessons and you do an 800-hour internship at an organization in Tilburg. If you have done so, you have complied with the integration obligation.

3 The Education Route

You start with this route if it appears after a test that further education is your goal.

What is the B1 route?

You are in a class with 15 other participants. You all learn Dutch up to language level B1. You learn about different subjects. Every week you have 3 lessons of 3 hours and you get homework. You work on practical assignments and you can learn at home on the computer.

You will do an internship or work at an employer or organization in Tilburg. Together we will find a place that suits you. We also make sure that the lessons and the internship fit together well.

You can follow this route at the ROC or Werkvloertaal. You agree this with your client director and with your supervisor of the Refugee team.

2. What is the goal?

The aim is that you achieve at least A2 or B1 level in the civic integration exam. If you have done this, you have complied with the integration obligation.

3. How long does it take?

You have been working for 1 to 2 years. You work about 32 hours a week. This includes lessons, internship and homework.

4. For who is it?

For status holders who have finished the start-up class. The test and the broad intake should show whether this route best suits your possibilities.

5. What does the contact look like?

You have about 3 hours of lessons 3 times a week.