Help with debts

I need help with my debts

Anyone who is registered in the municipality of Tilburg and is 18 years or older can make use of Debt Assistance. On this page you can read how you can contact Schuldhulpverlening. You can also read when you can get help from debt counseling.

Who can I contact?

Do you have payment problems or are you in debt? Or do you want information and advice? Then you can contact the Debt Assistance Team. You can contact us in three ways:

  • Come by without an appointment on working days from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm at Spoorlaan 448 in Tilburg
  • Call 013-5833250
  • Send a mail. We will contact you within 3 working days

What happens during the first conversation?

In the first meeting we will discuss your request for help. Sometimes we can quickly help you with information and advice. Sometimes you need more help. We will then make an appointment to discuss your financial situation further. From that moment on you have a contact person.

Who can make use of debt counseling?

Anyone who is registered in the municipality of Tilburg and is 18 years or older can make use of Debt Assistance. These are the only conditions.

I am an MBO student and I have a question about debt.

Debt counseling is active at all MBO schools in Tilburg. Are you at an MBO and do you need financial advice? Call Debt Assistance: 06-2922 42 26 or send an email to (including during school holidays).

You can contact us with questions such as:

  • I want to live on my own. What is involved, can I pay this?
  • I'm turning 18. What do I have to pay myself now?
  • I got a letter and I have to pay something back, but I don't know how to go about this.
  • What can I request from DUO?

I am self-employed and have a question about debts

The municipality also offers help to self-employed people with debts. We will discuss your financial situation in a meeting. Then we make an action plan together and look for a solution. We have the specialist knowledge necessary to offer debt counseling to self-employed persons.

The municipality has contacted me because I am in arrears with my rent, health insurance, energy or water.

Sometimes the municipality offers you debt counseling without you registering for it. The municipality is obliged to do this, because this way we can prevent payment arrears from increasing further and developing into debt. If you are in arrears in the payment of your rent, health insurance, energy or water, the supplier will inform the municipality. Debt assistance will then contact you. We then try to prevent bigger financial problems together. Please note: we only receive a notification from these organizations if we have not been able to resolve the payment arrears together.