Training & Practical experience

Prepare for a BBL trajectory or job

During a preparatory phase, the customer can prepare for a job or training. Is your customer able to combine learning and working? And does he or she not yet have the right diplomas to start working in a certain industry and do they want to obtain these? Then a pre-selection trajectory may be appropriate.

1. What is it?

The customer is given a preliminary stage to prepare for a BBL job in a specific sector. For example in healthcare or technology. The duration varies from 3 weeks to 6 months. Exactly how long it takes depends on which trajectory the customer follows and how the customer develops.

During the preliminary phase, extra attention is paid to language and math skills and participants are introduced to working and learning in practice. When the preliminary phase has been completed, the customer will receive a BBL contract with one of the participating employers. Then he starts with the BBL job. This not only means a paid job, but also an opportunity to obtain a diploma at MBO-1, -2, or -3 level. During the process, customers receive guidance from experienced coaches. The coaches support them in their finances and in combining work, private life and education.

2. What is the goal?

If clients would like to work in a particular industry, but do not have the right degrees. These are sectors where there is a lot of work.

3. How long does it take?

The transition trajectory is for customers who are able to combine work and learning. They just don't have the right previous education or diplomas to work in a particular industry or profession. They would like to get it. A VOG and a good command of the Dutch language are required for most trajectories.

4. For who is it?

The transition trajectory is a solution for customers who would like to work in a certain industry or profession, but who do not have the right previous education or diplomas. By following a transitional trajectory and a BBL training, they can obtain a basic qualification (minimum MBO level 2). As a result, they have a greater chance of finding work and employers have a greater chance of finding staff. The number of early school leavers is also decreasing.

5. What does the contact look like?

A recruitment campaign will follow if new transition processes are started. The registration goes through the work broker. Is your customer interested? Then you sign up the customer through the process mediation to work to be created in the Suites. In the explanation you explain where the customer would like to work and whether there are any special requirements. The work broker examines together with the customer what options are available to take steps towards work. The work broker and the account manager look at the best way to work for a customer. A transitional trajectory is one of the instruments they use for job placement.