Help with low income

Study allowance

Many students have a part-time job to pay for their studies. If you have a disability, it can be difficult to earn extra. That is why there is the study allowance.

What is the study allowance?

Study allowance is a helping hand to follow or complete a course. It is not a loan that you have to repay. You can keep the money and use it for whatever you want. For example for renting a room, or to lower your scholarship. Then you have to borrow less money and you have less debt.

Am I entitled to the study allowance?


  • you have a medical, psychological and/or intellectual disability
  • you are entitled to student finance or a contribution under the WTOS
  • you are not able to have a part-time job next to your studies
  • you do not receive a Wajong benefit from the UWV.

How high is the study allowance?

The amount of the study allowance per month (from 1 January 2023):

Age in years Net amount of study allowance per month
21 years and older € 328,59
20 € 262,87
19 € 197,15
18 € 164,30
17 € 129,79
16 € 113,36
15 €  98,58


Please note: the level changes annually on January 1 and July 1.

How do I apply for the study allowance?

You can apply for a study allowance in the municipality where you live, even if you study in another municipality. The allowance starts on the first of the month in which you apply for it and counts for the duration of your studies.

With the application you always send:

  • Copy of proof of identity (ID card or passport).
  • Copy of proof that you are not able to earn extra while studying or earn the minimum wage. You are not obliged to do this. We may then request medical advice.
  • Copy bank statements for the last three (full) months, of all current accounts.
  • WSF/WTOS award decision
  • Proof of registration training

We may need more evidence from you. Then we will contact you.

Applying for a study allowance >

When will I know if I will receive a study allowance?

You will hear within 8 weeks whether you will receive a study allowance. You will receive a letter about this.

When does the study allowance stop?

You are obliged to notify us of changes that affect your entitlement to study allowance. Always report changes on time. Then you don't have to pay back any money. Do you want to receive study allowance again afterwards? Then you have to submit an application again.

Your study allowance stops:

  • When you stop your studies
  • If you are no longer entitled to student finance or WTOS
  • When you go to work
  • If you are going to live outside the municipality of Tilburg (you can submit an application in the municipality where you are going to live)
  • It is also possible that you no longer meet one of the other conditions. Please notify us as soon as possible. You can use the change form for this.

The study allowance does not stop:

  • If you are going to do an internship as part of your education